Proper Reception of Holy Communion

During the Holy and Divine Liturgy (our name for what Latin rite Catholics call “Holy Mass”), when the time comes for the distribution of the Most Holy Body and the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ (called “Holy Communion”), do not be afraid to receive if you are Catholic and in the state of Grace.


“Holy Communion” is given together under both forms, bread and wine, using a golden spoon. The spoon simplifies things for us, since we use leavened bread, (baked with a special recipe and marked with special markings – and called prosphora) rather than the unleavened (flat wafer) bread used by the Latin rite.


Communion “in the hand” is NOT an option in our Church.


To receive the Most Holy body and the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, just approach the priest with your arms folded in the form of St. Andrew’s Cross (X), tilt your head back slightly, and open your mouth. The priest says a prayer; you DO NOT answer “Amen.” Be sure to chew the Sacred Species carefully. No one has ever choked on a “Particle” here; neither will you.


Your Sunday obligation is fulfilled by attending the Holy and Divine Liturgy (“Mass”) in any Catholic Church of any tradition. Catholics should experience as many of the Eastern “Rites” as they can. “Catholic” means “in the fullness of,” and it is through the variety of “rites” that the Church reveals its universality. Please feel “at home” praying with us, and please come visit us often and bring or tell a friend!                                                                                    

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